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We are an independent technical office, at the service of evolving companies that seek to outsource due to lack of their own resources or to complement internal knowledge.

Our knowledge is the sum generated throughout our own professional career in the fields of design and development of new products, especially European aluminum series and systems.

At EADESIGN we help turn our clients’ ideas into a product, and / or evolve existing ones, creating or looking for what is necessary for it.

We work exclusively with industrial and gamist companies.

Do you want to order your product made to measure?

If you are interested in getting to know us, learn more about our products or study the possibilities of developing your product, do not hesitate to contact us; We will be delighted to assist you.

Some EADDESIGN projects

Changing the bath screen wheel

The Omnia 2 R&D team modified the vertical profile, the guide, the compensator and the anti-tip profile of a bath screen model already on the market. Fixed glass buckling problems in the original design by replacing the original Zamak wheel with a standard one with better fixation of the glass. The pertinent modifications of the profiles were made to maintain the position of the fixed and mobile windows.

Top wheel modification with anti-tip system

An anti-tip lever system was added to the original wheel of the bath screen model to prevent buckling and slippage of the wheel from the guide. It was observed that in the original model, when the mobile glass was forced to open or significant blows were made to the screen, there was a risk of the guide wheel coming out, and the glass could be disassembled, with its consequences.

Central bathroom screen modification

A reversible lower central skid was designed for right and left opening bathroom screens. The skate incorporated a spring-loaded button that allowed the release of the mobile glass for cleaning the dead area between fixed and mobile glass.

Modification of sliding window profiles

The profiles of a series of sliding windows were modified to be able to expand the maximum dimensions that could be covered and to meet the anti-hurricane tropicalization requirements of the destination country.