About Us

Omnia 2 International, alongside with Genus International, is the partner that small and medium industries need to source raw materials and semi-finished products from Europe or the East, allowing our clients to obtain advantageous improvements in costs and profitability.

From Europe we offer products with a very high technological component, in insect screen systems and European carpentry accessories developed by our R&D department.

From Oriente we offer products at very competitive prices with excellent qualities. We can guarantee it by our technical knowledge of the products and components, experience and knowledge of the manufacturers, as well as the work culture in the East.

Omnia 2 is your technology and logistics partner in Europe and the East. We are specialized in the export of aluminum sheet, coil and profiles, serving sectors such as automotive, industry and construction and markets such as bathroom screens, awning or mosquito nets.

From our technical department we help our clients to develop new products and implement their production in the East. Both in terms of design, manufacturing, quality control and logistics.

We are present in three continents: Europe, America and Asia.

Our products are installed in more than 46 countries.



At your service



Omnia 2 International has two production centers in Spain for fly screens, pleated screens and aluminum accessories. The distribution is carried out from the Lorquí (Murcia) platforms for the national market and from Martorell (Barcelona) for export.

From our offices in Sant Cugat del Vallès, together with that of Hong Kong, we manage all imports from the Asian market. In Sant Cugat del Vallès there is also our r & d department where we work on the development of tailor-made products for our clients.